CEO’s Message

14435279_10205045122368157_8103813413958827681_oThere is a strong need, especially in these challenging times, to present positive examples for our youth and in our communities. In reality, we are products of our environment. It is imperative; the reflection witnessed is sustainable for all to follow. The exposure of technology, cultural, and educational opportunities opens the door to forever for many who may not have access.

At the United Community Center’s 13 AV Dream Center, the initiative is to provide a plethora of resources for youth and citizens from all walks of life. Furthermore, our doors are opened each day to fulfill and implement the advantages of a community collectively working together to illustrate positivity, hope, and Love. It is my belief and vision that the sharing of Love abundantly will always rise to the top. My belief and vision were all manifested here in this community, as a child, adolescent, and adult.

I am indescribably grateful for all my community has given to me. It is a humbling experience to be given the opportunity to give back and to do so alongside those who are willing to give without limitations to a better community and future, one child at a time. It is within this honor.  I witness the solidification of everyday heroes…Building Dreams and Changing Lives. I am inspired by you all, and I welcome each of you to find a role that fits and join with us.

Let us Dream together.

Derrick L. Randall
CEO, United Community Centers, Inc.