President’s Message

Raising children, especially in these challenging times, is an enormous responsibility. Yet there are countless children growing up in broken homes, without access to technology or cultural and educational opportunities. For children who have grown up in poverty, surrounded by crime and abuse in every shape and size, the world can seem like a frightening place.

At United Community Center’s 13 AV Dream Center, children from some of the toughest neighborhoods in Manatee County know they have a safe place to come and can feel less alone. Each year thousands of children come through our doors and receive positive examples of helping hands who restore hope and promise to their lives.

I like to believe if we give young people reasons to believe in themselves then we give them opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. I’m grateful for the life lessons I learned growing up here as a young man. I’m humbled by the opportunity to give back and I am honored to serve alongside hundreds of dynamic role models everyday who are helping create a better future, one child at a time. Each and every day, I see examples of ordinary people who are building dreams and changing lives. I hope you will be inspired by our story, find a role that is right for you and join our winning team. The life you change may be your own.

Patrick Carnegie
President, United Community Centers, Inc.